Multiple meal times

So, my hubby started his new work schedule this week, of 3 days on, 3 days off. Which is actually quite fabulous. I am really looking forward to having some weekdays to do things as a family or just get stuff done around the house that we want to do (but can’t seem to cram into the weekends). However, it is going to create an interesting dilemma for dinnertime on certain days.

For example, today he gets off work at 6 pm, which means arriving home at 7 pm after he deals with the evening commute (and this is if he gets off work on time!). The kiddo gets up from her nap around 4:30’ish usually. Most days, she gets a little snack to tide her over until dinner, and dinner is between 5:30 and 6:00. No way can she wait until Daddy gets home from work on a night like tonight. So, do I make dinner and have it ready at 5:30 for the two of us girls and then just re-heat for hubby? Or do I make her something quick and easy, then wait and eat with hubby when he gets home? If I do the latter, the little girl will undoubtedly mooch off both our dinners and end up with an extra meal for the evening, right before bedtime. If I choose the first option, hubby has to eat alone, and said child will still mooch off his plate. 

At least for tonight, I am leaning towards fixing dinner at the normal time and re-heating for hubby after he gets home. But I hate to do that to him on a regular basis. Do any of you have weird schedules that you have to work around? How do you handle it? What are some of your ideas for handling multiple meal times? I would love some ideas!

3 thoughts on “Multiple meal times

  1. Ha ha, Emersyn is a multiple meal moocher too! Last night her and Riley ate before we did and then while we ate, Emersyn mooched all the tomatos from my salad. STINKER!! We all eat together unless Emersyn eats while I am making dinner. I am one of those moms (so far anyways) that makes Ems her own meal just because she doesn't eat meat with us so it doesn't matter when she eats really. As she gets older though, it's important that we all eat together but we'll see with how Brett's schedule is. When Ems is in school, she may need to get to bed earlier which would mean earlier dinners for her at least.

  2. Hey Molly,That has been the story of my whole marriage…never having a set time for dinner with the whole family due to Jim's crazy work schedule! When Jonathon was little I tried to keep his eating schedule the same and would reheat Jim's dinner or make his fresh when he got home. Although that could be as last as 9,10,or 11pm, which on those nights Jim usually had cereal or something else light! On the weekends when Jim wasn't working or on the nights we knew when he was getting off we would eat as a family. Not the best for family time but that was the best we could do. Good Luck!!

  3. You are a nicer mommy than me, Patti. And, fortunately for us, Mattie eats EVERYTHING. But she gets what we have for dinner. No choices. If she doesn't eat, she doesn't eat. But it's never really been an issue with her, thank heavens. And she is a little carnivore. Last night, she had her face practically in her plate, digging thru all her food, looking for any bits of steak she might have missed. lol. I like for us all to eat together too. And, as I suspected, she mooched off Daddy's plate once he came home & sat down to eat. Oh – and we have to make salads with lots of extra tomato on them, cuz our girl mooches all the tomatoes too! Silly girls.

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