Sesame Chicken

Another new recipe from my friend Kim – this lady needs to start her own recipe blog! Haven’t had a bad one yet from her! One of my favorite meals when going out for Chinese food, prior to changing our eating habits, was either Sesame Beef or Sesame Chicken. So excited to have a healthy … Continue reading

Squash & Chicken Chili

This is a super yummy new recipe I found and modified … and then modified again with the help of the amazing Nutrition Support division of TSFL. So, the recipe as I am going to post it is Lean & Green approved and can be used during the weight loss portion of your program (if … Continue reading

Elk Steak in the Crockpot!

As we currently have a freezer full of elk meat (thank you hubby!), I have been on the hunt (pun intended) for creative new recipes to use it in … recipes that also comply with our Lean & Green lifestyle. And I found one that I can even do in the crockpot! You all know … Continue reading

Italian Turkey Meatballs

Thanks to my friend Kim for this great new recipe. After she sent it to us, we tried it immediately, and the entire family loved it! Super easy, super healthy and very, very yummy! Grated zucchini replaces breadcrumbs in this meatball recipe! Ingredients: 1 pkg (19 oz) lean ground turkey (93% or 99% lean) (we … Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash Casserole Re-visited

After sending my favorite recipe off to TSFL’s Nutrition Support, I have revamped it slightly to fit within program Lean & Green requirements. Here is the recipe with a minor modification, followed by the breakdown of how it fits into your a Lean & Green meal. Ingredients: 4c cooked spaghetti squash (1 medium-large spaghetti squash … Continue reading

The move!

After toying with the idea for a while, I have decided to transfer my blog over to wordpress. Should be easier for folks to find the recipes they are looking for as I start to get it organized. And I shall be posting a new recipe soon, so stay tuend!