Mom’s Lasagna

Okay, consider yourself forewarned … tonight’s meal is not quick and easy, nor is it cheap and economical. Now that that’s out of the way, here goes. I am making my mom’s lasagna recipe tonight. This is my favorite meal in the entire world. I could live off of this lasagna for MONTHS without needing any variety. … Continue reading

What shall we eat this week?

I am attempting to get back in the habit of planning my menu each week. When I have done this in the past, it saves both time and money. Not to mention I don’t have to listen to my husband asking every morning and evening, “What’s for dinner tonight?” 🙂 So, last week, I posted our … Continue reading

The great toy clean-out!

My munchkin doesn’t know it yet, but when she goes down for her nap this afternoon … a large number of her toys are going to disappear! I have decided that I can not stand tripping over 1500 baby toys anymore. She has outgrown some, some are broken, and others just need to take a … Continue reading

Thank heavens for leftovers!

There are some nights that there just isn’t time to create something new. On those nights, I am always glad when I can find something leftover from a previous night’s meal! This afternoon, I have to get the house cleaned before my kiddo’s nap is over. I should get some weeding done in my yard, … Continue reading

Substitutions are okay!

I am planning on making beef pot pie for tonight’s dinner. I had the menu card in my organizer box, so that must mean I have a recipe card for it, right? Wrong.So, I headed over to one of my favorite websites,, and searched for “beef pot pie”. It returned some promising selections, one of which … Continue reading


Welcome to my brand new blog! After much prompting from friends and family, I am finally making this a reality. This will be a space devoted to saving money and creating yummy meals … with perhaps a few organizing, couponing or other household tips.I am constantly trying to come up with new ways to motivate … Continue reading