Substitutions are okay!

I am planning on making beef pot pie for tonight’s dinner. I had the menu card in my organizer box, so that must mean I have a recipe card for it, right? 


So, I headed over to one of my favorite websites,, and searched for “beef pot pie”. It returned some promising selections, one of which was this one: However, I am missing onions, Beau Monde seasoning and buttermilk baking mix. But, I have all the other basic ingredients, so I will just make a few substitutions. 

My hubby doesn’t really like onions in his food anyway, so he’ll be happy that it didn’t turn out quite the same. I have onion powder, so I’ll just add that to the meat as I cook it. I actually had to “bing” Beau Monde seasoning, because I had no clue what it was. I have a steak seasoning packet that has been in my spice cupboard for a while now and needs to be used up anyway. It will make a fine substitute. And buttermilk baking mix? I don’t know if that’s a specific mix, or if the original chef meant the equivalent of Bisquick … neither of which I have on hand. However, I have some cornbread mix that really needs to get used up (and which I am tired of taking up space in my pantry). Hubby loves cornbread, so again, he won’t mind the substitution.

Substitutions really are pretty easy. I used to be scared of using an ingredient other than what the recipe called for. I have learned, though, that it really is not that scary. Do it one ingredient at a time. As a whole, if I looked at a recipe and saw I was missing half the ingredients, it’s a little daunting. But, if I break it down, one ingredient at a time, it’s not as difficult as it seemed at first glance. It gets those creative juices flowing, it gets rid of random things in your pantry that you weren’t using anyway … and sometimes, you end up with the best recipes you’ve ever tried!

2 thoughts on “Substitutions are okay!

  1. I LOVE using up items in my cupboards/pantry/freezer. It feels like we are eating for free in a weird way, maybe because we used to waste SO much. Recipe sounds yummy, hope it turns out great!!

  2. Isn't that funny – I consider leftover stuff in the fridge or pantry "free" stuff too. 🙂 Something about using up stuff that would end up going to waste otherwise is just so satisfying!

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