Buying in season

I mentioned recently that it hasn’t been as expensive as I anticipated it would be to eat healthy. It’s all about buying what’s on sale and what’s in season. Obviously, this is going to be harder during the winter months. But right now, during these glorious summer months, enjoy all the fresh produce you can!Last … Continue reading

At-Home Spa Treatments For Summer

I’m not feeling overly creative today … so, I’m going to pass along a link to some fun ideas I just read about. Not only are these good tips for taking care of your skin, they’re great money-savers! At-Home Spa Treatments For Summer

Fishy times

Okay, folks, I need your help! I need ideas for what to do with various forms of sea life at dinner time! I have never been a big fish eater. The closest I usually get to seafood is a big ol’ batch of fried shrimp …. and I’m pretty sure the whole deep-frying part takes … Continue reading

Saving on extras

Yesterday, I found a way to save money on some things that aren’t quite necessities. I stopped off at my nail salon to get my brows waxed (like I said not quite a necessity). When I was paying at the end, the owner pulled out a sheet of coupons to use for the next time I … Continue reading

Shrimpy delight

Tried another variation of my stir fry recipe last night … with shrimp! We bought a pound of shrimp back when we bought our house, and were going to break it out to celebrate. It got lost in the back of the freezer. Oops! However, I found it and added it to this week’s menu. … Continue reading

Veggie marinade

My new favorite thing to do with vegetables … is add soy sauce. Since we are trying to limit our sodium and “extras” these days, I use the low-sodium soy sauce, and I use a little less than I used to. But it’s a yummy way to spice up dinner. For example, the other night … Continue reading

Saving $$ on salad

I know this is going to prove to the world that I am a complete genius, but I have discovered a brilliant new way to spend less on the salads I make. More greens, less carbs and dairy!Until now, a salad set before me had a couple of requirements: 1) it must have some sort … Continue reading

Stir Fry

We had another yummy concoction last night. I am digging the extra challenge of this whole healthy eating thing. It seems to be even more satisfying if I meet a goal or beat my old record. I’m rather competitive that way. Which is probably why I enjoy those silly Facebook games so much, getting the … Continue reading

Healthy AND inexpensive!

Hubby and I have officially started our new eating plan. So, keeping dinnertime affordable has become a bit more challenging. So frustrating that eating healthy seems to be more expensive than eating all the pre-packaged crud the stores try to sell you. Anyway … I am now on a mission to find some new healthy … Continue reading

The blueberries are out of control!

Okay, so I just started harvesting blueberries about 5 days ago. Between a gift from a relative, the blueberries I’ve already harvested, and what will obviously be ready in the next 24-48 hours … we have too many blueberries! Especially since the kiddo is the only one allowed to eat them right now (and too many … Continue reading