Buying in season

I mentioned recently that it hasn’t been as expensive as I anticipated it would be to eat healthy. It’s all about buying what’s on sale and what’s in season. Obviously, this is going to be harder during the winter months. But right now, during these glorious summer months, enjoy all the fresh produce you can!

Last week, I went shopping to stock up on produce and some meat to replenish my freezer with. I did not buy a single boxed or canned food. Nothing processed went into my cart. I got enough meat and veggies to feed our entire family for at least a week … and I spent about $50. My cart was full to the brim, and we are eating like kings! 

Two things helped me do this:
1) buying produce in season and at it’s lowest prices
2) buying meat from the discount shelf

I am a huge advocate of going through that discount meat section. Sometimes it’s just junk that’s not worth buying. But you can often find some amazing buys. This week, we had buffalo meat for the first time. Found it in the discount bin for $2.99, and it was enough for one full meal. Also had some London broil … got it for $1.99, and it fed us both. I found so many good buys in the discount bin that I splurged and bought some fresh tuna steaks which were not even remotely on sale. If I’d skipped those, our grocery bill would have been closer to $40. But I figured we deserved a yummy treat for finding such good buys and losing the weight we’ve lost so far.

So, it IS possible to eat healthy and stay within a budget. Challenge yourself to try something new that you find on sale. Try a new veggie that you might not normally buy – do it just because it’s on sale for 79 cents a pound. It also gives you a chance to challenge yourself with a new recipe, which is always fun. And it never hurts to try new things!

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