The move!

After toying with the idea for a while, I have decided to transfer my blog over to wordpress. Should be easier for folks to find the recipes they are looking for as I start to get it organized. And I shall be posting a new recipe soon, so stay tuend!

I’m sorry

I owe all of you, my readers, an apology. It has recently occurred to me that I never truly “came out” (that’s for you, Doug, if you’re really reading!) and shared with you about the current journey I’m on and why the focus of this blog changed course last summer. So here goes …A little … Continue reading

One more, just for fun!

And, for those of you who are following the TSFL program and are looking for a little variety or something fun to try with some of your Medifast food, here’s one of my favorite recipes. It’s a good little comfort meal, and it is absolutely on program! Medifast Tomato Soup Pizza Preheat oven to 375 … Continue reading

The best way to save money …

… is to live healthy! I know the opposite seems true when you go to the grocery store and look at produce prices and organic food prices. In the long-run, however, it really is true.I am discovering many things about becoming healthy. Sure, some healthy foods may cost more. But I’m not wasting money on … Continue reading

Southern Gifting … and a Coupon Code!

Through the wonders of modern technology, I have recently “met” a new friend in the on-line world. She has a fabulous and completely fun website that is loaded with amazing monogrammed items for sale. Plus, she makes the most adorable tu-tu’s … seriously, you have to check them out at SouthernGifting. She has a great coupon code that is good … Continue reading

Use your coupons!

As I was going through one of my supply drawers this week, it reminded me to be thankful I had used all those coupons last summer. And by “last summer” … I mean 2009. I felt a bit ridiculous at the time, buying bottle after bottle of laundry detergent. But it is a year later, … Continue reading

Cheese & Tamaters

We tried the yummiest new recipe today! Found it on the back of the bag of frozen shrimp I bought a while back, and it is to die for! It was much more labor-intensive than I anticipated, but that was my own fault … well, my child contributed to how long it took me to … Continue reading

Veggie Medley Frittata

Okay, as I promised, here is my attempt at a vegetarian meal for my family. Turned out to be a little more work than I anticipated before starting my prep time. But it turned out yummy, so well worth it. Even the kiddo loved it … veggies and all!1/2 package Morningstar Farms Veggie Breakfast Bacon Strips1 … Continue reading

I’m back!

I know. It’s been forever! And we still aren’t entirely done with the home projects. But things are under control enough that I have a few free moments again … so yay!I am currently contemplating all the veggies I will soon have. We have determined that our mystery squash plant is some sort of monstrous … Continue reading

Time off

I just wanted to check in and say, “I’m still here!” We are in the midst of home improvement chaos right now, which leaves me pretty much no time on the computer. In fact, I’m typing this as I scarf down my dinner and supervise my little girl’s dinner! I should be back and posting … Continue reading