Sun-Dried Tomato Shrimp Salad

I just have to admit up front … I can claim absolutely NO credit for this recipe. It is from the TSFL Lean & Green Cookbook. But it was so yummy that I just had to pass it along. If you are following this program and don’t have this recipe book yet, you really should … Continue reading

Cabbage casserole

So, this is a little late, but figured I’d post my new St. Patrick’s Day cabbage recipe. We really enjoyed this, and there are so many variations you could do to make it fit your lifestyle. As usual, I changed it up from the recipe I originally stumbled across, mainly in an effort to get … Continue reading

Spanish Crockpot Chicken

I am all about making my life as easy as possible. And any meal I can make in the crockpot qualifies as just that! I adapted this recipe slightly from The recipe as I found it only called for enough veggies for 1 person, but there was enough chicken to feed 3 or 4 … Continue reading