Fishy times

Okay, folks, I need your help! I need ideas for what to do with various forms of sea life at dinner time! I have never been a big fish eater. The closest I usually get to seafood is a big ol’ batch of fried shrimp …. and I’m pretty sure the whole deep-frying part takes most of the healthy out of them! However, most shellfish and lower fat fish are super good for you. So I am trying to incorporate them into our dinners more often. But I am totally clueless on preparing a healthy fish dinner that still tastes good. The shrimp salad was totally yummy, but it apparently used up all my creative juices, and I’m at a standstill in the kitchen again. Help!

On a completely different and random note, I have a new mystery plant in my garden! After hubby turned over all the dirt for me to start planting, more stuff sprouted! We’re pretty sure it’s something in the squash family, and I’m rather hoping for zucchini, since we can use it in tons of stuff. But I’ll take whatever. 

And since my last gardening mention, I have planted potatoes, corn, eggplant, and green beans! Actually, Matilda and I planted the green beans together. We found these adorable Sesame Street vegetable starter kits at Home Depot a few weeks ago. So we planted green beans and tomatoes (more on those in a minute). After only 3-4 days, I came out on the back patio to find the cover busting off the green bean “greenhouse”. They were already about 4 inches tall! So, we transplanted them into our garden and have started a second batch.

As for the tomatoes … I now have to eat my words about never having a tomato grow from scratch. Our Elmo tomatoes have all sprouted! Every single seed produced a plant. And they are now big enough to transplant as well. If these actually produce fruit, I may have to quit buying the plants!  Maybe my brown thumb is even greener than I thought! If the plants produce, I promise to post pictures … as well as posting a few pics once the garden has really taken off. I figure we should have a nice late summer/early fall crop of goodies to enjoy. Yay!

One thought on “Fishy times

  1. I love Salmon and one of my favorite ways to have it is in the form of Salmon Patties. I am not talking "crabby patties" like Sponge Bob eats, but real tasty, honest to goodness, Salmon Patties. There are many recipes for Salmon Patties, but I prefer the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid)of making them so it is more about the fish and less about what was out in them. A good recipe usually consists of Salmon, egg, cracker crumbs, parsley, a bit of dill and some sauteed onions. Super simple, but delish, especially if paired with a tasty, light lemon sauce.

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