Thank heavens for leftovers!

There are some nights that there just isn’t time to create something new. On those nights, I am always glad when I can find something leftover from a previous night’s meal! This afternoon, I have to get the house cleaned before my kiddo’s nap is over. I should get some weeding done in my yard, but that’s just not going to happen. At some point, I need to get cleaned up and make myself pretty before I leave the house. The grandparents are going to be here in about 3 hours to watch said kiddo while I go to a wedding tonight and my hubby is still at work. It’s just one of those crazy days where everyone’s schedules overlap and nothing really gets done. So, that lovely dish I made for last night? Pulling it out to heat up. Should be plenty left for baby, grandparents and hubby to chow on. 

Lesson here? It pays to make extra! I always try to plan a large meal at least once or twice a week. That gives me an “out” on those days where nothing goes right or when I just don’t feel like cooking. Plus it makes for something nice instead of sandwiches to stick in the hubby’s lunch occasionally. I love leftovers!

2 thoughts on “Thank heavens for leftovers!

  1. I LOVE leftovers for a couple reasons. One, I actually think that leftover food tastes good/sometimes better then the night before. Two, leftovers imply that I actually cooked something the night before and that makes me feel proud. Three, leftovers are something that a lot of people throw away so to me it feels almost like a free meal. Yesterday before work I defrosted some leftover spaghetti sauce for dinner and then we ate it when we got home, just had to boil noodles. It was delish, homemade and took minutes to heat up. LOVE IT! Some of my favorite leftovers are lasagna, I actually was totally addicted to it when I was pregnant and would bake a Stoeffers lasagna on Sunday night, not eat a single bite of it fresh (on purpose) and then have leftovers for lunch for like three days. Ha ha. Italian food makes yummy leftovers. I also make taco meat in double batches and will do taco salads one night, then tacos the next night. I have a friend that makes taco soup for dinner in a crock pot and then strains the leftover soup, keeps the meat and makes it into tacos the next night. Also love big batches of soup for leftover purposes. I'm so chatty on your blog for some reason. Could be the caffeine in the diet coke I drink at work, LOL. Anyways, loving your posts!!

  2. I love it, Patti! Your comments make me smile every time! 🙂 Ditto on Italian leftovers. Whenever I make lasagna, I LOVE heating up the leftovers for days afterwards. Yummy, yummy!

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