The great toy clean-out!

My munchkin doesn’t know it yet, but when she goes down for her nap this afternoon … a large number of her toys are going to disappear! I have decided that I can not stand tripping over 1500 baby toys anymore. She has outgrown some, some are broken, and others just need to take a break.

A teeny, TINY representation of the chaos that follows my wee one.

So, today is organization day. Which means I’m breaking out the boxes. One box for toys she has outgrown – these shall get stored in the attic, in the event that there is another munchkin in the house someday that might use them. One box will be for toys that I will store on the shelf in her closet, to be rotated out again in a month or so, when she needs some variety again. And last, but not least, I shall bust out a garbage bag … because there are quite a number of things beyond saving. She likes to collect bits of paper, wet wipes, TP cardboard rolls, and the like. Then there are the toys that are just plain broken. All of these shall be going “bye-bye” today!

I realize that, within 15 minutes of her waking up from her nap, the house will be a total disaster again. But at least she will have a few less things to throw about!

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