Gross grapes

It is officially that time of year when it suddenly becomes affordable to buy (most) fruit again. And, since there has been more variety in the store, I have been trying to buy more than just bananas for my daughter. This past week, I bought a beautiful bag of grapes … which are already growing fuzz on them. Grrr. Apparently, my problem is that I left them out in the basket with the other fruit. I am going to try the advice I found and store them in the fridge the next time. I am not entirely convinced that will solve my problem, but I will keep you posted.

However, in my quest to find answers about how to keep the nasty fuzz off my grapes, I stumbled across a really nifty website I thought I would share with you. They have tips for just about anything you can think of – tips for fruit, meat, storing things in your fridge, freezer ideas, etc. I have barely skimmed the surface of it, but I have bookmarked it to spend some more time at. Just thought I’d pass my new find along to you, in case anyone is as challenged in the fruit area as me!

And, since I probably will not have time to get on the computer tomorrow, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Take a moment to remember why we celebrate, and if you know a soldier or their family, give them a big hug and say thanks!

2 thoughts on “Gross grapes

  1. I'm excited to check out that website. I JUST learned like a couple months ago about storing bread in the fridge…it makes it last SOOOO much longer! I have always stored grapes in the fridge, funny!! Never occured to me to not although they aren't cold usually in the store, ha. I also learned that you aren't supposed to store tomatos in the fridge well into my grown up years. Geez.

  2. I go back & forth on the bread in the fridge. Now that Mattie eats sandwiches, and since hubby has been having sandwiches everyday, we go thru it so fast that I don't bother refrigerating it. That will probably change after this week, when Mattie is the only one eating bread! I also change daily on the tomatoes. I always refrigerate my cherry tomatoes, but not the grape tomatoes. How weird is that?!

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