I’m going in!

Today is officially one of my least favorite days of the year. I knew it was coming. I have dreaded it’s arrival. I thought maybe it might still be a few days away … until my husband muttered those ominous words, “Something smells funny in the refrigerator.”

Time to clean out the fridge. Blech.

About the only thing that ranks lower on my list of chores I hate … is scrubbing the toilet. And thank heavens for a husband who has made cleaning the toilets his official job for almost 15 years now. He is a life-saver!

However, I am on my own with the fridge. Oh, he would probably do it, but things would disappear that weren’t supposed to. Food that is perfectly good would get thrown away, and my tupperware containers would disappear into this weird black hole that only my husband seems to know the location of. It is for this same reason that he is no longer allowed to unload the dishwasher … things disappear.

So, I’m off to peer into the depths of my fridge, trashcan in hand, and get rid of all the food we’ve let go to waste. I think that’s the main reason I hate to clean the fridge. I hate acknowledging that we have let perfectly good food go to waste. Leftovers that got shoved to the back of the fridge after I went grocery shopping, and then they were forgotten. Condiments that went bad, because we forgot we had them. Things that just don’t smell quite right. It’s sad to say goodbye to what should have been a perfectly good meal for someone but will now take up space in my trash.

However, it’s time to throw out the old, do a little cleaning and scrubbing, and welcome in some new, fresh, yummy, healthy food. A bit like life, really. Cleaning out all the icky bits in our lives is never fun. But it’s necessary if we’re going to make room for the new, healthy, wonderful stuff that God wants to fill us with.

Who’d have thought I would gain a life lesson out of cleaning my fridge?!

3 thoughts on “I’m going in!

  1. Way to make a life lesson out of cleaning the fridge. 🙂 I actually LOVE cleaning my fridge…it's like it represents a fresh start for some reason. I love the clean glass shelves that sparkle when it's clean and I love getting rid of old food so I can really gage what we need. I usually try to clean it out before every major shopping trip so that I can come home and fill up my newly cleaned fridge. I find that we waste a LOT of food too when the fridge is messy because we can't keep track of what's in there. I actually need to clean my fridge TODAY because Tiff and Travis are coming and I need to fill it up with food for their visit. Fun stuff! 🙂 I do NOT love cleaning the toilet however. 🙂 We have that one in common for sure!!What sort of diet plan are you following?

  2. That is such a good idea about cleaning before each BIG shopping trip. I'm gonna tuck that one away in my memory banks to use in the future! Thanks, Patti!!We are going to be doing the Take Shape For Life plan. Don't know if you've heard of it or not, but they are partnered with Medifast, if that helps. We will eat 5-6 of their meals per day (shake, oatmeal, nutrition bars, scrambled eggs, etc), then one "lean and green" meal for our evening family meal. Really excited to get started on it – our food should be arriving around Wednesday'ish. Guess I'll have to be a little more careful choosing off the menu on Thursday night, eh? 🙂

  3. Ha Ha! I completely agree with Molly about cleaning out the fridge! My husband has actually interrupted me to remind me that the wasted _____ really only cost us $.25 or so. I used to get so upset about throwing anything out, particularly stuff I'd save for my hub's lunch and then didn't get eaten! It used to drive me nuts! I try very hard to not waste food but sometimes you just can't help it and I find that it helps me to look at the item, figure out approx how much it cost me to make, and then realize that while it may seem like I'm throwing out a good chunk of our grocery bill, it usually only adds up to a couple of dollars total. Looking at it this way has also helped me to know how much food to make at a time (my personal problem-cooking for 2 is hard for me!), and helps me eat up leftovers before they go bad. Good luck on your new diet/eating plan! I'm trying to eat & cook more healthfully as well, both for me and the hubs. Here's to a healthier kitchen for us both!

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