Getting serious

Today was a massive pantry clean-out. Hubby and I are getting ready for our new weight loss plan, and I am determined to do this right. We have been using up as much as we could, but there’s just no getting around the excess that is left over. So, the unopened cereal boxes have already been donated to other lucky users, along with things like Hamburger Helper and those lovely blue boxes of Mac & Cheese.

But today it gets serious. I emptied out partial containers of “mashed potatoes” (you know – the boxed variety – don’t ask – my hubby loves the boxed stuff over the real thing – I know), emptied out the last of the white rice, scarfed down the last of my Apple Jacks, threw out partial packages of buttery crackers and dried fruit I’d forgotten we bought. I managed to clear 3 full shelves in the pantry! Which was just enough space for MY meal stuff for the next month. Guess I’m gonna have to get SUPER serious tomorrow if there’s gonna be room for hubby’s food! Which means saying goodbye to my yummy croutons, all the cans of divine tomatoes and corn, the brown sugar … and, I guess, the chocolate cake mix. Probably not on the diet. Probably.

Good thing tomorrow is trash day. No time for me to change my mind and rescue a few old favorites. By the time I get up in the morning, all those yummy temptations will be long gone. Time for a fresh start … stay tuned!

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