Squash & Chicken Chili

This is a super yummy new recipe I found and modified … and then modified again with the help of the amazing Nutrition Support division of TSFL. So, the recipe as I am going to post it is Lean & Green approved and can be used during the weight loss portion of your program (if … Continue reading

Elk Steak in the Crockpot!

As we currently have a freezer full of elk meat (thank you hubby!), I have been on the hunt (pun intended) for creative new recipes to use it in … recipes that also comply with our Lean & Green lifestyle. And I found one that I can even do in the crockpot! You all know … Continue reading

Italian Turkey Meatballs

Thanks to my friend Kim for this great new recipe. After she sent it to us, we tried it immediately, and the entire family loved it! Super easy, super healthy and very, very yummy! Grated zucchini replaces breadcrumbs in this meatball recipe! Ingredients: 1 pkg (19 oz) lean ground turkey (93% or 99% lean) (we … Continue reading

Sun-Dried Tomato Shrimp Salad

I just have to admit up front … I can claim absolutely NO credit for this recipe. It is from the TSFL Lean & Green Cookbook. But it was so yummy that I just had to pass it along. If you are following this program and don’t have this recipe book yet, you really should … Continue reading

Zesty Wings

A great recipe that I found on ZestyCook.com. I made these for Super Bowl Sunday & they were a hit. I have done them since in a slightly healthier version, using chicken tenderloin. Cook time was the same using the tenderloin, but all ovens are different, so you might want to check them around 30-35 … Continue reading

Beef Tips with Mushrooms

Well, we have a new favorite recipe in our house after eating this last night! My hubby was still smacking his lips a half hour after dinner was over! Way yummy, very, very economical, and healthy. If you’re on the 5 and 1 plan, this absolutely falls within your lean and green parameters (makes 2 … Continue reading

Cauliflower pizza

Okay, I can not even begin to describe to you how totally yummy this recipe is. I know it sounds bizarre, if you haven’t tried it before … but you really need to give it a chance. For my fellow Take Shape for Life/Medifast friends, this meal fits the requirements for your Lean and Green. … Continue reading

Skate fish? What?

Okay, I had never heard of skate before … except for the all-couples skate at Skate World. Who knew it was also something edible??!? We were at the local Asian market last week, and there was something called “Skate Fin”  on sale for a reasonable price. So I figured, what the heck? Of course, I … Continue reading

Yet another shrimp recipe

Okay, this is by far my favorite new shrimp recipe. Totally made it up on the fly, and I figured I better write it out before it got lost forever! So, here goes:1 lb shrimp, peeled & de-veined1 bell pepper, diced1/2 cup chopped mushrooms (whatever variety you like)4 cups chopped tomatoes1 cup whole grain rotelle pastaMrs. … Continue reading

Mom’s Lasagna

Okay, consider yourself forewarned … tonight’s meal is not quick and easy, nor is it cheap and economical. Now that that’s out of the way, here goes. I am making my mom’s lasagna recipe tonight. This is my favorite meal in the entire world. I could live off of this lasagna for MONTHS without needing any variety. … Continue reading