Stir Fry

We had another yummy concoction last night. I am digging the extra challenge of this whole healthy eating thing. It seems to be even more satisfying if I meet a goal or beat my old record. I’m rather competitive that way. Which is probably why I enjoy those silly Facebook games so much, getting the … Continue reading

Healthy AND inexpensive!

Hubby and I have officially started our new eating plan. So, keeping dinnertime affordable has become a bit more challenging. So frustrating that eating healthy seems to be more expensive than eating all the pre-packaged crud the stores try to sell you. Anyway … I am now on a mission to find some new healthy … Continue reading

Thank heavens for leftovers!

There are some nights that there just isn’t time to create something new. On those nights, I am always glad when I can find something leftover from a previous night’s meal! This afternoon, I have to get the house cleaned before my kiddo’s nap is over. I should get some weeding done in my yard, … Continue reading